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Requesting the evacuation and resettlement of Ethiopian and Eritrean Refugees in Yemen to USA, CANADA, or other countries in the diaspora.

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Yeharerwerk Gashaw (Yeharer) The First Ethiopian International Model, Actress and humanitarian and Official Advocate and representative of the Ethiopia Refugees In Yemen. E-mail

For years Ethiopian and Eritrean refugees have been the victims of discrimination by UNHCR representatives in Yemen. Though these refugees hope to relocate to other countries, they are constantly denied resettlement assistance by the UNHCR in Yemen while refugees of other nationalities are quickly and easily assisted in relocating. We are asking the UNHCR to urgently evacuate and start resettling Ethiopian and Eritrean refugees that are currently in Yemen to different countries in the diaspora. We are asking that the U.S, Canadian, Australian, Swedish, Swiss governments accept these refugees to resettle in their respective countries. We are calling on the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies to intervene on behalf of the refugees and aid in their resettlement. We ask the UNHCR to begin communicating with these entities in order to expedite this process. These individuals are unfairly trapped in a place of danger and unrest, and they need your help so that they can be freed.

This happening was brought to my attention in 2004 when I was attempting to help former Ethiopian Navy members and civilians in Yemen to relocate to the United States. I was told by the U.S homeland security that Dr. Saad Al Athar, the head UNHCR representative in Yemen at the time, stated allegations against these innocent people saying that they would be a threat to U.S national security and that my request should not be fulfilled. I had to work hard to prove these statements false in order to gain permission from the U.S government, specifically President George W. Bush, to allow these refugees to resettle in the U.S where they have now resided peacefully for the past 9 years. This type of occurrence is common to the UNHCR in Yemen, and is robbing innocent Ethiopian and Eritrean people of their right to relocate to other countries and live freely and peacefully as they should. Meanwhile, these people are trapped in refugee camps where young Ethiopian & Eritrean men and women are constantly being taken and sold into human trafficking and are victims of sexual and physical abuse and assault. In the past week these camps have also undergone bombings by Saudi-led coalition attempting to weaken Iranian-allied Houthi militia and allied military units in Yemen, resulting in killing and wounding of many innocent Ethiopian and Eritrean refugees.

We ask that you sign our petition for the UNHCR to immediately begin a speedy relocation of these Ethiopian and Eritrean refugees so that they can be evacuated and resettle in countries where they can live peacefully. The Ethiopian community in the diaspora, especially in the U.S, Canada, Australia, Switzerland and Sweden, are willing to help these refugees resettle in our respective areas of residence. We are currently working to appeal to the governments of the countries listed so that these refugees will be allowed resettlement and we are also reaching out to NGO's in order to find potential opportunities for housing and support if these refugees are allowed to resettle in our areas. Your signature will help us to bring attention to this issue and give us the backing we need to make a positive change in the lives of these innocent people. We are so appreciative of your support!

For more information on the condition of Ethiopian & Eritrean refugee camps in Yemen please see the videos and article links below.

Below, are advocate committee members: 

Ethiopian Refugees' In Yemen Advocate Committee and International Community Outreach (Plano, Texas USA) and 

Former Ethiopian Armed Forces Worldwide Organization (Dallas,TX USA)

Sociologist Yeharerwerk Gashaw, USA
Dr. Mankelkilot Hailessilase, USA
Dr. Tezera Tsegaye, USA
Dr. Aregahgn Siefu, USA
Mrs. Tsehaie Bekele, USA
Dr. Gashu Habte USA
Mr. Nebeyu Damte USA
Mr. Messele Kelel, USA
Mrs. Nigist Tewolde, USA
Capt. Ashebir Gebre, USA
Dr. Lema Kibret, USA
Capt. Solomon Gadissa, USA
Mr. Ezra belete, USA,

Mr. Dil Yaregal. Washington, USA

Ms. Wudie Adgeh, USA

Mr. Haile Kassa, Switzerland 

Demmelash Girma, Switzerland
Mr. Getachew Reda, USA

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