UNFI to switch to reusable pallet wrap

UNFI to switch to reusable pallet wrap

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Weavers Way is a food cooperative located in Philadelphia. We are members of the NCG, National Cooperative Grocers. As members of the NCG we ask that this petition be made available to other food coops who are also members of the NCG. We ask that all coop members sign who would like to see UNFI switch from using disposable pallet wrap to a reusable pallet wrap.

Why is this important?

The NCG represents more than 200 food cooperatives in more than 37 states. Many of these coops get deliveries almost every day of the week. Can we imagine how much pallet wrap ends up being produced.  The claim is that when a cooperative becomes a member of the NCG there are the benefits to the coop, one being that the NCG provides a powerful advocacy voice between coops. Well we are asking that the NCG show us how powerful that unifying voice can be by assisting in the sharing of this petition. 

We coop members are concerned with specific behaviors adopted by the grocery industry. One being that we do not like the excessive amount of plastic used in pallet wrapping. We ask that UNFI switch to a reusable pallet wrap. Plastic pallet wrap, though deemed recyclable, is not sustainable and should be avoided. The collective food cooperative body does not like this wasteful practice and asks for it to be changed by the first of the calendar year of 2019 for every food cooperative that belongs to the NCG. 

By signing this petition we are in agreement with this motion.