Island of Horrors: Monkey Island

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This is a huge problem in Vietnam, where animals are being exploited and it is referred to as conservation. This place is much worse than any zoo in the world. It is guilty of animal cruelty of the highest level. Unknown to tourists who visit there, they have many events that are extremely cruel. Take for example the terrified macaques tethered to miniature motorbikes or the over burdened ostriches carrying fat tourists, this sick practice occurs all over Vietnam. Taking down this highest profile place would be the one to set a precedence for the other to follow which is why it can not be allowed to continue. I have read an enormous amount of tourist feedback on Lonely Planet and TripAdvisor.

You can see on their own website the horrors that lie in wait for the unsuspecting tourists. Long Phu Tourist

Please, do not take my word for it. Visit each website and read for yourself about this. I love Vietnam, but not the corporations which abuse and exploit animals. I do everything I can to bring to the attention of travelers from around the world the pitfalls that await them and how to best avoid them and this one is the worst in Vietnam. Please sign, share and re post everywhere on social media. Don't stop with Facebook and Pinterest. Post on Youtube, Vimeo or whatever you see any information regarding this tourist trap.

I love all animals and monkeys hold a place very close to my heart because they are our closest relatives in the animal kingdom and are being treated so badly. I have helped to rescue numerous monkeys here in Vietnam and will continue to do so at every opportunity. Please, do what you can by helping with this petition. Thank you and bless you for your help.