Bring Back On-Campus Classes at UNE

Bring Back On-Campus Classes at UNE

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Started by Holly Hewartson

We are calling for your help to bring back classes and practicals at UNE for 2021!

The University of New England has not yet announced if the 2021 academic year will involve on-campus teaching.

As on-campus students who have personally benefited from in person teaching, we are calling for Vice-Chancellor, Professor Brigid Heywood, to reinstate on-campus classes and practicals for 2021.

We have recognised that there have been suggestions that students have adapted well and are enjoying online study, however, on behalf of the on-campus students who have transitioned online, this is not necessarily the case. Online learning has seen the loss of student rapport, learning opportunities such as practicals and tutorials, enjoyment of university work, and overall loss of motivation to study. With the current online system there is little to look forward to as students are merely completing assessment tasks to get through the trimester.

This has had a significantly negative impact on students’ mental health and wellbeing, as students are essentially stuck in one place to live and study and have no opportunity to engage in face to face learning. Schools, TAFE and other universities in NSW have returned to on campus and face to face learning, we believe the students of UNE should be given the same opportunities. 

We are petitioning for a traditional and more effective learning environment. Please help us in getting on campus learning to advance the future of UNE students.

Help provide the best learning experience for our fellow students.

1,289 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!