Remove Mike Adams From UNCW / Pledge Not to Financially Support, Apply to, or Fund UNCW.

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This petition is also an individual's pledge to withhold any financial support to The University of North Carolina Wilmington, until Mike Adams is removed. This includes withholding alumni endowments, and any donations. Also, pledging not to apply to, or pay admission to UNCW for yourself or for a dependent. 

Mike Adams is a professor of criminology and sociology at the university of North Carolina Wilmington. He has a long history of espousing racist, misogynistic, homophobic, and abusive rhetoric. There have been previous demands to remove him, however he remains. 

In 2014, after a seven-year legal battle, UNCW settled, and the result saw Adams promoted to full professor, receiving seven years back pay.

In 2016 Adams wrote an article outing a UNCW student, a young woman, using her full name, and mocked her sexuality and religion. Adams's followers proceeded to send death threats to the student, who ultimately transferred schools.

Most recently Adams has re-engaged in tweets decrying the public's reaction to stopping police violence towards, and the killing of black people. His tweets elude to a second civil war, and defaming people of color. 

Mike Adams does not belong in a position of teaching young students, and perpetuating racism by instilling ideals that white culture is superior to others. Especially as a criminology professor, potentially seeding dangerous behavior in minds seeking a future in law enforcement. His own comments clearly portray an individual who believes people of color's culture and morals are inferior to his own. Mike Adams enjoys his 1st amendment rights, just as we all should. Express yours by telling Mike Adams and UNCW (a public university) that NC tax payers won't help fund his salary, and that freedom of speech does not mean freedom of consequence. 

Please also send The NC Attorney General, Josh Steins an email asking him to take action here:

A link to Mike Adams twitter account;

The article by Mike Adams targeting the Muslim Student;

Mike Adams column at;