Pushback Pass/Fail Deadline at UNC-CH

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According to a WRAL article written by Laura Leslie, statistics show that  25% of UNC-Chapel Hill students reported suffering from anxiety and 33% from depression since the global CoronaVirus pandemic. This marks a 40% increase since last fall for anxiety and an almost 50% increase for depression.

As students at this university, we hold ourselves to an extremely high academic standard. We work tirelessly on our studies as well as working through jobs, internships, and other personal issues. It is no secret that this semester has been anything but normal or simple and, as students, we appreciate the administration team at UNC-CH for being willing to adjust to these unprecedented times by altering university policies, such as offering the pass/fail option.  

Speaking in full transparency, we are scrambling to study from sunrise to sunset every single day. With the anxieties, stresses, and general overwhelming nature of finals season at Carolina, we are academically exhausted. The pass/fail option that the university has given us this semester no longer gives us the option to declare a course pass/fail prior to receiving our final grades. 

We call on Chancellor Kevin Guskiewicz as well the other administrative bodies at  UNC-CH to pushback the deadline to declare pass/fail until after we receive our grades from finals. Most of our course finals are worth 20-40%  of our final grade.  Many professors do not readily update the Sakai page grade book, so not only do we not know what our final grade would be, we don't know our current grade standing. 

We have full faith in UNC’s willingness to understand and genuine consideration for our mental health. We believe that UNC cares about alleviating our mental burdens, especially those related to academics. We are proud to be Tarheels. We take our rigorous courses head-on with confidence. We are still trying our absolute hardest to keep up with the difficulties of Covid-19 and our extensive schooling, but we deserve the option to declare pass/fail to alleviate just some of the stresses, anxieties, and pressures of this difficult semester.