6 neglected dogs/2 dead in Terril Iowa

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On September 19th, 2018. 6 dogs were surrendered to Unbreakabull Bullies Rescue in Terril Iowa in front of a Dickenson County Sheriff. All 6 were suffering from something. Here is a list of some of their problems. 

Tape worm infestation, fleas, untreated seizure disorder, untreated ear infections, untreated mange, untreated ruptured tumors and partial paralysis just to name a few.

The living conditions were horrid.....see photos.

Sadly, 2 were beyond help. They were rushed straight to IVRC (24 hour emergency vet clinic). The suffering they were experiencing was enough for the vets to drop what they were doing just to put these 2 dogs out of their misery. One couldn't hold it's head up and had no teeth and was only ever fed dry kibble, and the other was paralyzed in its back half and covered in mange. Neither could control their bowels or bladder and they both weighed under 30lbs when they should have been 50+.

An attorney contacted me today demanding 3 of the 4 surviving dogs back. The fourth they chained to the back of a barn and left for 10 years solid never leaving the chain once after killing a duck, they do not want her back. They also want their kennels back which were so filthy (see photos of the home) that they were disposed of at the first gas station along the way home. The condition of this home is deplorable. The photo of the white dog on the feces covered chair is in their living room, the whole house was beyond anything the rescuers had ever seen or imagined. 

Please sign this petition to let the attorneys and the judge know that these dogs SHOULD NOT be retunred to Mr & Mrs Kreutzkampf for further neglect.