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We petition for our government leaders to restrict the accessibility to internet pornography in our households.

Internet pornography increases the demand for sex trafficking.  Further, pornography leads to harmful, addictive sexual behavior, damages marriages, relationships, and families, creates a distorted perception of sex, leads to an objectification and degradation of women by men, and has proven to lead to aggression and abuse.

It is easy to access online pornography.  There are over 100,000 pornographic websites accessible for free and more than 400,000 for-pay sites.  Tens of thousands of these web-sites contain child pornography and other illegal imagery.

Children and adolescents can be innocently exposed to pornography online by:

1. Innocent, imprecise, or misdirected searches;

2. Bulletin boards and chat rooms;

3. Misleading URL’s; and

4. Unsolicited e-mails and pop-up advertisements.

We request that our government restricts accessibility to internet pornography by putting laws into place which require:

1. That internet service providers (ISP’s) be required to deploy an automatic pornography filter;

2. That, as a result of this filter, internet users would have access to internet pornography blocked by way of default unless users choose to “opt in”and allow internet pornography access; and

3. That if a user or household, at any point, dismantles the filter, a notification will be sent to account holders notifying them of changes of the status. 

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Petition Closed

This petition had 5,850 supporters