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Stop Selling Costumes For All Occasion DU2351 Dead Dog Prop

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I recently became aware of a product that is currently being sold on the Walmart website, but suppled by, and that being of a "Halloween" item called Costumes For All Occasion DU2351 Dead Dog Prop.  The description of the item is as follows: 

Costumes For All Occasion DU2351 Dead Dog Prop

Item Description:

You have seen bloody road kill, this is bloody road kill. Foam filled latex prop of a skinned dog with a large tire track squished through its mid torso. Chain attached for dragging purposes.

Item can be seen here:

While the item was removed from the Walmart on-line site, it still remains on the site and am urging the removal of this "item"

While Halloween is supposed to be a fun time filled with a bit of "gore", I as well as many others find absolutely nothing amusing in the sale of such a gruesome and disgusting "prop" as the Dead Dog Prop.  Day in and day out people in the animal activist and advocate community are trying to bring awareness to the realties of horrific issues concerning animal abuse and this "prop" only seems to condone the idea of such abuse. There actually have been known cases of dogs (and cats) being tortured, and yes skinned alive.

Therefore, I as well as many others, urge to discontinue and pull off this most offending and disgusting item from your website and therefore discontinue it's sale.

I urge people who sign my petition to also flood both Walmart and with emails to get this product removed.  Here is the contact information for

Sales and Information: (888) 657-8436

Our Fax Number: (732) 363-5666

Corporate Office: (732) 363-0606

Sales Email address:

 Customer Service:

Product Information:

Corporate Contacts:

Mailing address:, Inc.

195 Lehigh Ave, Suite 5

Lakewood, NJ 08701


IMPORTANT UPDATE:  It seems everywhere this Dead Dog prop was being sold has now removed it, and that would include, Walmart, Sears, and eBay...HOWEVER, it still remains on-line for sale at this is the new target to get after:

Nightmare Factory Costumes 
P.O. Box 1181 
Dripping Springs, TX 78620 USA


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