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Innocent Muslim are being killed while police are watching and do nothing

Letter to
United States Secretary of State John Kerry
UN Security Council
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon
and 4 others
Tomas Quintana
Free Rohingya Campaign
President Barack Obama
Secretary of State John Kerry
Innocent Muslims are being killed while police watch and do nothing. State sponsor well trained militia group are plotting communal violence to eradicate Muslim population from various towns and cities across Burma.
It is not pure accident of religious hatred but it is done systematically with the control of target damage to be done. It is well documented by evident that violence stops when targeted damage is achieved. Many women, children and elderly were killed mercilessly at town of Meikhtila. Even, Journalists are threatened and asked to surrender cameras and recording device and memory chips.
The lives, properties and religious building of Muslim are always victims of these state sponsor genocide in Burma. Now the people of Muslim faith all towns and villages in Burma are living in great fear of their lives, properties and religious building for not knowing when they will face tragedy of state sponsor genocide. Any towns and cities in Burma can face these kinds of atrocities any time as government never brought to justice any people or group sincerely as perpetrators are being sponsor by government.
UN Security Council must exercise within its charter to protect Muslim minorities from state sponsor genocide.

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