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International Investigation for Baghdad-Karradah explosion

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On Sunday, the 3rd of July, 2016, a massive car explosion took place in the Karradah District of Iraq's capital, Baghdad. In one of the most devastating suicide bombs that have gripped the country since 2003, a car exploded causing an inferno where most of the victims suffocated or were burned to death. The fire spread rapidly between two shopping centres and the nearby shops, claiming the lives of more than 292 civilians, including women and children. More than 150 bodies were so badly burned that they are unidentifiable, and many families have resorted to DNA sampling to claim the bodies of their loved ones. Investigations done by the Iraqi government have been equivocal, and the relentless cycle of violence continues 13 years after the US lead invasion. This has left the families of the recent attack and the Iraqi public with many questions: What is the source of the extremely flammable material used by ISIS-DAESH? How did the loaded car gain access to the pedestrian only site? Is the Iraqi government aware of other weapons in the possession of DAESH that could be used for future operations and what is the government doing to protect its civilians? Ultimately, WHO is responsible for the latest tragedy? I am starting this petition to ask for an International Commission of Inquiry by the United Nations to gain truthful answers to these questions as well as others the Iraqi people have the right to know.   Of note, dangerous radioactive material, including Iridium 192, was stolen from the Weatherford Co. in Basrah, Iraq last year, which raises security concerns and may be the source of the material used on July 3rd.

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