Save Gunung Pulai From Destruction By The Quarry Project.

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The cave in Mount Pulai, Kedah ...

The beauty of Stalactites & Stalacmites for millions of years, as well as the remnants of paleolithic and the neolithic history will disappear from human greed if we do not protect and prevent it from being destroyed. It will now be destroyed due to a quarry project already operated in Bukit Puyuh. A new quarry project is underway near Kampung Teluk Tak Patah. Therefore, more destruction will occur. Help us to stop this quarry project from destroying this priceless natural treasure.

In addition to this petition. We also run campaigns and programs in protest of the destruction of nature as below.



SEPTEMBER 9, 2019 (session 1)
SEPTEMBER 16, 2019 (session 2)

After all this time. We now, * Northern Hikers Community (NHC) * will collaborate with * Silver Outdoor Germs, Fat Hikers, Solar Hikers, Cacamerba Hikers, Geopark Swimming Hikers, Left Hand Adv, Hikers Hiking, Northern Hikers Hiking and UniSHAMS * to make the climb to Mount Pulai a success and to hold a #SaveGunungPulai rally. Let's join the crowd to enliven and succeed this protest program. Time is up for Friday * Save Mount Pulai *.