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Imagine if you were chained to a tree... a week... a month... a year.  No one to play with, no long runs in the park or balls to chase.  You live through the rain and snow in the winter and the hot, humid sun in the summer.  You may even be forgotten and left without food and water or you may even get tangled up and knock over your food bowls.  You eventually give up.  No one hears you anyways.

Dogs are naturally social beings who thrive on interaction.  When you take this away from them, you expose them psychological damage.  It's no different than locking a child in their room for extended periods of time.  An otherwise friendly dog can become hostile, anxious and otherwise aggressive.  Some chained dogs have outgrown their collars and have them embedded in their necks, they've been left so long.

Organizations such as the Humane Society, the USDA & the AVMA all say chaining and tethering is inhumane.  So take the pledge today to not chain... you could be saving a life and improving the life of your dog.

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