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Petitioning UN and US, UK, EU and all world governments

To stop state sponsored genocide of Rohingya in Burma

More than one million of Rohingya ethnic people of Arakan, Myanmar (Burma) are in need of desperate help very urgently. Burmese Military junta started systematic ethnic cleansing since 1962. Now ethnic cleansing to Rohingya has been violently increased in many cities in parallel. Many thousands have been killed and thousands of houses were torched by state sponsored government forces which includes military, polices, border security forces and paramilitary and local Rakhine people.

If this genocide is not immediately stopped Rohingya people will soon be extinct from the surface of the earth. They were brutally killed everywhere they find and forced to leave the country where no country is opening the door to save their lives. Please help us immediately. We are in SOS situation!! We need UN force immediately!! Please save our souls!!!

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  • UN and US, UK, EU and all world governments

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