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WE ARE THE 99% at UMass Boston who have seen our fees rise 8% year after year with no end inorder to carry out the 1%’s “Master Plan” for our school. We are the 99% who have had our pay frozen by the administration. We are the 99% who are going to graduate from the only public four-year school in this city with $25,000 in student debt and little prospects. We are the 99% who are tired of watching the privatization of this university. We are the 99% who don’t want our university run by the unelected bureaucrats known as the Board of Trustees. We are tired of the Board of Trustees investing our fees in hidden funds and trusts with no interest in insuring that they do not financially support war profiteers.

We have liberated this space in the campus center from the corporate administrators who control this university. We will no longer recognize their illegitimate authority; we will take the entire university back from the 1% so the 99% can have their university. Non-violent direct action and people power is our weapon against the 1% and it’s plans to corporatize the university.For far too long the 99% have been excluded from the global conversation about the direction of our schools, our neighborhoods, and our world. We are in solidarity with Occupy Wall St., Occupy Boston,Occupy UC Davis, Occupy Berkeley, and all other Occupy movements. We are in solidarity with the student revolt in Chile and those at hundreds of other universities who are holding down a space for the 99% in the conversation about our future. We hope our revolt can bring the 1%’s plan of privatization to a halt. We want the voices of every member of 99% to be heard in creating the 99%’s strategic plan for the university.

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