Hey Uline! It's time to make your catalogue paperless.

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My name is Stacey. I'm a mama to two young kids, an organic farmer and the founder of Coghlan Cottage Soap Co., a zero-waste soap company.

I'm starting this petition for the same reason I left my successful career in the city to shovel pig poop for a living; I loose sleep at night worrying about the Climate Crisis and my kids futures. Instead of fretting helplessly, I'm doing what I can, where I am. 

Part of that has meant going to great lengths to source eco-friendly packaging and shipping materials for my business. I have literally spent hours searching for everything from post-consumer recycled labels to plastic-free tape. Turns out, Uline is pretty awesome at supplying those products.

BUT. All my effort is cancelled out every time I place an order, because EVERY SINGLE TIME Uline includes a gargantuan monster of a paper catalogue. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. My carefully sourced plastic-free, eco-friendly supplies come wrapped in heaps of plastic and packing peanuts in boxes MUCH too large.

And in the mail in between shipments? You guessed it. MORE CATALOGUES. Friends who work in offices report that Uline sends catalogues to every single person in the organization who's ever placed an order. That means sometimes as many as FIVE one inch thick catalogues in the recycling bin at once. What a waste!

So. Because waste really ticks me off, I'm inviting you to join me in challenging Uline to make an easy win for the planet - stop burning money and trees - take your catalogue 100% paperless. 

Uline, you have an awesome website. We don't need a paper catalogue, in fact, many of us hate it. Make an easy win for your bottom line and the planet - make your catalogue 100% paperless, today.