Close all vivarium and end outdated experiments conducted on animals!

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Close all vivarium and end outdated experiments conducted on animals!

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In July 2011, Alexei Sokolov informed the media about the appaling living conditions and the barbaric experiments conducted on dogs and other animals at the Medical University of Donetsk.

According to reports, the students of the Medical University at Donetsk have performed limb-amputations and educational surgeries on the internal organs of the animals WITHOUT prior anesthesia.

Each dog had to endure several surgeries before finally being discarded. Until death, these poor animals languished in horrible conditions, suffering from distress and starvation.

Since Mr Sokolov, the head of this vivarium informed the media and articles had been published in the Ukrainian news, these dogs have been given in the care of the Ukrainian animal activists.

But an unknown number of dogs and other animals are kept in similar vivarium and conditions in universities throughout the country and Ukraine's president, Viktor Ianoukovytch, ignores the petitions and pleas from his citizens and Ukrainian animal welfare organizations urging him to put an end to this outdated, barbaric experiments.

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  • Ukrainian Consulate in Toronto, Canada
  • Ukrainian Embassy in Copenhagen, Denmark
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  • Ukrainian Embassy in Paris, France
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  • Ukrainian Embassy in London, United Kingdom
  • Ukrainian Embassy in Washington DC, United States


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NOTE (29/03/2012):

the email address of the president is no longer accessible but it does not matter  because we will forward the petition at regular intervals by separate email and by post once the signature target has been reached. 

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This petition had 22,555 supporters

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