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URGENT help in retrieval of 3 caged bears in Pervomaisk, Ukraine.

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There needs to be a happy ending to this story of 3 bears. In May 2013 three hungry, exhausted and sick bears were discovered by animal protectors in rusting trailers at a remote former missile testing area at Pervomaisk of Mykolaiv Region, Ukraine. There was excrement under their cages that was not taken away for years, no provision of water or food. The bears were in full view of the sun under open sky. These bears were used as 'training tools' for the training of hunting. dogs, an illegal activity. In a dramatic turn of events the bears were moved to a new place during the night of 4th June and their new location remains unknown. Understandably there is now serious concern for the welfare and safety of the bears. 

Russian Translation:

В мае 2013 года зоозащитники обнаружили троих голодных, истощённых и больных медведей в ржавых прицепах-клетках на удалённом бывшем ракетном полигоне с. Грушевка под Первомайском (Николаевская область, Украина). Под клетками - испражнения, которые собирались годами; нет запасов воды и еды. Медведи были под открытым небом и палящим солнцем. Этих медведей использовали для притравки охотничьих собак, что есть противозаконно.

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