Int. Condemnation Of Illegal Election Results in Guyana - 2​.​0 June 2020 Lowenfield Report

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I have posted an update with the PPPC press release today on the back of some incredulous procrastination by Keith Lowenfield to present a section 96 report to Claudette Sign on the 16th June 2020 as bound by statute. Here we are almost 4 months since elections and now the process has been highjacked by a CEO who refuses to present the required report...what is effectively David Granger vs GECOM is now playing out to silence outside Guyana and the word ‘credible’ still being bounded around after a valid tabulation was submitted last week to GECOM Commission showing the Total Valid Votes Cast totalled 460,354 votes of which PPPC gained over 233,000 compared to APNUAFC 217,000 odd - there is nothing invalid about the 260,000 votes APNUAFC claim are fraudulent except that without them they can claim some sort of victory with the remaining 125k - confused because they are!! Let’s hope the CCJ will not embarrass Guyanese people around the world when they hear the appeal which may have to instruct GECOM again to just get on with their job!!! 

Please raise the status of this condemnation required as it appears to be falling on deaf ears as the coalition supporters are being told to celebrate victory for the incumbents for the 4th time in as many months!!


In his report, Lowenfield reduced the number of valid votes recounted from 460,352 to 160,260!!

This effectively mean that 275,092 or 60% of the electorate would be disenfranchised - is this how we count every vote?

Of the 185,260 votes which the CEO considers valid, 125,010 or 67% is awarded to the APNU+AFC and 56,627 or 30.5% to the PPP.

What little remaining votes were awarded to the small parties.

One shocking claim by Lowenfield is his suggestion that the Coalition has won Region 6 – a PPP stronghold – by more than 4,000 votes. His numbers show the PPP securing 5,021 votes and the APNU+AFC 9,437 - lots of statistical analysis based on allegations of voter impersonation etc but conclusion gives impression that hundreds of thousands of these allegations are in fact proven evidence which in fact is false representation.

Even President Granger gave a statement after Lowenfield presented his report and stated “they (APNUAFC) know what they are doing!!” Very telling indeed until you consider that the Malawi case, quoted by AG Basil Williams, that he uses to justify their legal position querying the election commission position is in fact an Election Petition filed after declaration of their election results last May 2019 and concluded in Feb 2020 this year!!

Just as I was closing this petition after 14 weeks off they continue with illegal election results to continue the ongoing pattern of fraud and their unwillingness to concede or remove themselves from undemocratic power!!

THE PHOTO ATTACHED IS OF THE TOTAL VOTES IN BALLOT BOXES WITHOUT ANOMOLIES / IRREGULARITIES OR VOTER IMPERSONATION - IE What Lowenfield (and by extension) Granger and APNUAFC want the country to swallow as the valid votes to be counted in 2020 Elections - thereby giving the incumbents a 2/3 overall in a National Assembly that they will appear to be occupying themselves in entirety anyway as no opposition will agree to partial valid votes from an alleged fraudulent elections that everyone else has stated are free, fair and credible!!! Crazy days ahead!!


I know everyone is still occupied by the Corona Virus but can I take a little of your time to read, sign and share this appeal.

There is no financial obligation - just read if you agree then please sign and share for maximum worldwide exposure - the stakes are high and tens of thousands are viewing with trepidation.

The incumbent party APNUAFC in Guyana has today leapfrogged and highjacked the election process in Guyana from E day on March 2nd 2020 to today (e day + 3) Thursday 5th March and is currently attempting to force an illegal government and illegal President on the people without following the constitutional requirements under law and in the presence of UK, US and EU ambassadors!! We need help to expose their corrupt intentions and enable completion of tabulation and verification of the last remaining region (4) with has been illegally declared for APNUAFC thereby leading the way for them to remain in power despite losing the majority of the eligible voters in Guyana who selected the PPPC to return to office. I know most people have not heard of Guyana and if you had recently it might be because of the discovery of vast deposits of oil in 2015 but it is the only English speaking country on the South American continent occupied by both descendants of African slaves and indentured Indians as well as Chinese, Amerindians, Mixed Ancestry and Portuguese population at home totalling around 750,000 with hundreds of thousands of successful and independent diaspora around the world as part of communities in the US, Canada, UK, Europe and Caribbean. Bullying and partism actions that seek to oppress a valid and proud section of society must not be allowed in a democratic state and we need the support of everyone so that we do not feel as alone as I feel right many miles from my ancestral home and feeling that we are just about to fall off a cliff edge. Please sign and spread this petition and if you are someone that can spread the word or help with publicity then highlight to those who can bring sanctions and assistance to those Guyanese who are in need of support from the world community. Thanks for reading, signing and sharing