Ban public use of high-powered rifles in the UK.

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.50 calibre rifles are used in conflict as anti-aircraft artillery and for destroying armoured vehicles. Their power is excessive for sporting use and it is not necessary for the general public to be using such powerful weapons. The government has proposed a bill to ban these weapons (which are banned in some US states such as California), but now appears to be bowing to pressure from Tory backbenchers and the organised shooting lobby in the UK. The public on the other hand, mostly don't have a clue about this issue and haven't had their say.

We request that the UK and Scottish government goes ahead with the ban. We are concerned that the American ‘King of 2 Mile’ shooting competition is proposed to be held in Eskdalemuir, Scotland, with these powerful guns, bringing American gun-culture to an area already adversely affected by a growth in commercialised shooting that does not take the negative effects on local people into account.

We question the safety of weapons that will be used up to two miles and have the capability to shoot further. Firearms specialists and the National Crime Agency have proposed banning these overly powerful guns, due to the risk that they will fall into the wrong hands.

Ban powerful firearms and help prevent a growth of 'American gun culture' in the UK.

Personal story
We are a group of concerned citizens in a rural area where commercial shooting of pheasants, ducks and partridge is already having numerous adverse effects.

And now a shooting range for .50 calibre guns has been brought to our area with absolutely no consultation with the local community (and significantly no planning permission - which has been reported). We discovered it through one resident reading a Cumbrian newspaper, and learned that the site near our village will be used for American shooting competitions and for hire by gun and hunting enthusiasts from all over the world. We're concerned about the safety of such powerful, long-range weapons and the growth of 'gun culture.' People no longer wish to walk or cycle in the area in question and it brings no economic benefit to our village.