Revoke Maxamed BK's Visa Over Hate Crime Comments

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Saturday 28th December 2019. Hundreds of young Somalis in Mogadishu were on their way to attain a education to better their lives.Having grown up in instability, war and constant terror attacks; Hundreds of young Somalis put their faith inn their book and pen and set out that morning in hopes of using their education to get a better life. An Al Shabab Bombing did not let that happen.

This attack in particular hurt something deep within both young and old Somalis everywhere alike.  Yet at that moment Somali Singer decided to use it to push his political agenda and incite hate. 

That very same day the fatal bombing attacks that took over 100 student lives. That very same day when the blood of the slaughtered was not yet dry. That very same day every somali across the Horn of Africa and across the world were mourning- BK decided to incite hate and use the suffering of Somalis everywhere at his concert to cause division. Not his first time, he is notorious in using his platform to continue to further his political agenda. 

At a time when atrocities are meant to unite us we cannot have BK, a threat to somali peace, continue to preach division and hate. Furthermore, his political comments that insinuated the Somaliland government were behind the fatal bombing is a danger to British society and relations between Somalis themselves.

Regardless of your political identity as a British Somali: It contradicts our British and Somali values and we cannot have this man continuously use his platform to mock the dead, segregate Somalis and cause political tension. 

Revoke his visa.