Support The UK Parliament's Call To End The Dog Meat Trade!

Support The UK Parliament's Call To End The Dog Meat Trade!

1 March 2015
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Started by Soi Dog Foundation

We respectfully ask that the UK government take immediate action to use its influence in the countries listed below, to end the inhumane trade in dogs and cats in Asia, as per the declaration made below by an unprecedented number of MPs from all parties at the recent meeting at the House of Commons.

We, the undersigned MP’s, hereby call upon the governments of Cambodia, China, Laos PDR, Indonesia, South Korea, The Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam to take action to end the production, trade in, and slaughtering of dogs and cats for the purposes of meat and by-products. 

In recognition of:

1.     The mounting body of evidence linking the consumption of such meat to human health and disease transmission notably cholera and trichinellosis.

2.     The universal acceptance that the uncontrolled movement of unvaccinated dogs is the main cause for the spread of rabies.

3.     The increasing number of pet animals brutally stolen for the purpose of meat and skin production.

4.     The significant impact the production of, trade in, slaughtering and consumption of dog and cat meat poses to animal welfare.

5.     The increasing awareness of the suffering of fur bearing animals, including dogs and cats, whose skin and fur products are widely exported and sold.

6.     The risk to the health of UK citizens visiting the region and being exposed to the trade.

There can be no excuse for the intolerable suffering and cruelty these animals are facing as a result of this trade. The time has come to end it.


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This petition had 94,857 supporters

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