Unite the country with a Declaration of Interdependence

Unite the country with a Declaration of Interdependence

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Started by Alex Cooper

Recognising our Interdependence

Self isolation to save lives and protect the NHS from being overwhelmed is a current necessity.

We've recognised our interdependence and how our collective actions will have a profound effect on how this crisis is managed and overcome.

But in ordinary times, there is a sense that real communities are fragmenting, our democracies are being undermined, citizens are feeling powerless and our political leaders are not working together to solve the big issues of the day.

Of course big changes are needed, but we need a starting point and maybe the current coronavirus crisis can be that starting point.

We can build on a collective recognition of our interdependence and demand that our political leaders work better together and sign the covid-19, climate change, fake news, me too, time for change, citizen power inspired …

Declaration Of Interdependence:

As a society, we'll ensure every citizen has a roof over their head, an education and the basic means to eat and live a healthy life.

We will protect you from abuse and exploitation, and will prevent you from abusing and exploiting others.

You'll be free to think, believe speak and act as you wish so long as your words and actions do not lead to the harm of others.

You will be an equal under the law and in our democracy. Money, or the lack of it will not allow you to be judged more, or less favourably.

Bribing, bullying or blackmailing our law keepers and law makers, or the interference with free and fair elections will be among the most serious crimes we recognise.

Perverting the Course of Justice or Perverting the Course of Democracy will carry severe penalties.

We will work with you to protect our environment and ensure everyone has access to clean air and water. We will strive to repair the damage already done to our planet's atmosphere, oceans and ecosystems.

Society works best when we recognise our interdependence and the responsibility we share for each other, our communities and the environment.

33 have signed. Let’s get to 50!