PETITION IN THE NAME OF JUSTICE AND FAIRNESS We the undersigned require Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Service...

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PETITION IN THE NAME OF JUSTICE AND FAIRNESS We the undersigned require Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Service...

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Many people are becoming increasingly concerned at the level of injustice imposed by Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunal Service, especially in the County Courts. The causes of this are mainly attributable to the courts’ failure to follow their own rules [CPR] which are largely ignored. This is resulting in increasing numbers of unjust bankruptcies and evictions which are largely the result of County Court judges rubber-stamping the claims of purported creditors without due consideration of the relevant evidence under The Rule of Law. 


We the undersigned require that Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Service carry out their duties in compliance with the Civil and Criminal Procedure Rules

All the said rules shall encompass all Council Tax Liability Orders, Possession Orders, Matrimonial Possession Orders and individual creditors’ Bankruptcy Petitions against an individual .

All courts in all jurisdictions for all cases can only be permitted to be sealed an official document upon a fully compliant check list, ensuring that all documentary evidence and relevant case documents are attached.   Compliance of which affects the public on a daily basis

These are the existing Rules of Law which are currently being ignored by HM Court Service (HMCTS)

Part 2.6 (CPR)     "Court documents to be sealed"

2.6 [1] The court must seal the following documents on issue-

          [a]  the claim form; and

          [b] any other document which rule or practice direction requires it to seal.

2.6.3   " Sealed documents as evidence-"

          The general rule is that a party wishing to rely on a document must adduce

           [i.e. bring forward],  primary evidence of its contents at common law

Section 134 of The County Court Act 1984

[1] All summonses issuing out of a county court, and all such other documents so issuing as may be prescribed, shall be sealed and stamped with the seal of the Court.

[2] All such summonses and other documents purporting to be so sealed shall, in England and Wales, be received in evidence without further proof.

All the above said rules are already requirements for compliance with the rules and necessary to comply with the Rule of Law. These rules are being ignored. (Acting on their own Culture) 

By acting in compliance with their own Rules as stated above the HMCTS - Her Majesty’s Courts & Tribunals Service will save over 50% of the time currently being wasted and similarly over 50% of their existing budget.

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This petition had 2,222 supporters

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