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Urgently cease the racist broadcasting of "Chinese Burn"

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There has been a TV show named "Chinese Burn" circulating the BBC media channels,  although receiving backlash on many websites as well as a low score on



The title itself is rather blatantly racist, naming the show deliberately as  "Chinese burn" whereby this was named after a prank in school where the skin is twisted in opposing directions...almost zero relevance other than there being the word "Chinese". We do not want to be named after this show or have any connection to it.

The show was originally only broadcast on BBC Three, but there were more than enough dissatisfied viewers to give the vibe that this show should be taken off air, yet, for whatever reason, the BBC decide to air it onto another channel, BBC ONE.

Even after complaining to the BBC via their website, there was a lack of duty and care for them to take the complaint seriously, I felt let down and annoyed after having found their email response was "generic" which only goes to show how many people have complained in the past.

Their response:

Dear Mr _______ 

Thanks for contacting us regarding BBC Three’s Chinese Burn.

To allow us to reply promptly, and to ensure we use our TV Licence fee resources as efficiently as possible, we’re sending this response to everyone. We’re sorry we can’t reply individually, but we hope this will address most of the points raised.

Chinese Burn was commissioned as a one-off pilot, as part of an initiative to develop the next generation of on and off-screen talent. It’s the first all-female Chinese comedy to appear on British television, and presents an irreverent and unique female perspective on an under-represented community.

The programme was written by two of the leading actors, Shin-Fei Chen and Yennis Cheung, who wanted the script to reflect the authentic experiences of East Asian women living in London. Part of that experience involves being confronted with racist attitudes, and these are highlighted in the script. As they’ve said, “in order to smash stereotypes – you have to offer it up first.”

For example, Jackie’s character is depressed that as an actor she’s continually asked to audition for roles as a prostitute, and although she protests this, ultimately she feels she has no other options.

With regard to the scenes featuring Elizabeth’s boss, Huang Lo, the writers have explained that this character was developed to highlight Jackie’s own racism. They point out that this kind of stereotyping occurs within the East Asian community itself, and when Jackie admits that she won’t sleep with Chinese men, Elizabeth calls her out on it, telling Fufu “She’s racist!”

The programme aimed to push boundaries and challenge preconceptions, but there was never any intention to cause offence. That said, we appreciate your feedback and this has been forwarded to the programme makers and circulated to other senior staff at the BBC in our daily report. Thank you for taking the time to contact us. 

Kind Regards

BBC Complaints Team

NB This is sent from an outgoing account only which is not monitored. You cannot reply to this email address but if necessary please contact us via our webform quoting any case number we provided.

"to ensure we use our TV Licence fee resources as efficiently as possible, we’re sending this response to everyone." - this is saying they cannot be bothered to take any other course of action none other than the protocol that they have already followed, which is a copy paste segment and quite possibly a written answer by the TV show writers/hosts themselves.

“in order to smash stereotypes – you have to offer it up first.” -

This is the most backward statement I have heard, in order to smash stereotypes, you DO NOT carry on acting them out, you call them out for their bad depictions that have been enforced upon us. This is a ridiculous statement, could one also say that in order to destroy people from stealing, one must also offer up to steal? I think not. Punishment is key. Jesters pandering about were laughed at and not taken seriously.

"For example, Jackie’s character is depressed that as an actor she’s continually asked to audition for roles as a prostitute, and although she protests this, ultimately she feels she has no other options." -

You have an option to not sell out and create the stereotype towards Asian women. Yet you seemingly want to take the role. You have a free will to not become a puppet.

"They point out that this kind of stereotyping occurs within the East Asian community itself, and when Jackie admits that she won’t sleep with Chinese men, Elizabeth calls her out on it, telling Fufu “She’s racist!” - [See my review stating this as a non serious defence]

This statement is completely and utterly biased, racial stereotypes have a history. It does not work that way. If the so called producers/host/actresses would care to do some actual research, history shows that these stereotypes and tropes have come from tough times, such as yellow peril, Fu Manchu and other laws to slander Asian people, all because the Western country of supremacy wish to deliberately sabotage those of ethnic minority.

"The programme aimed to push boundaries and challenge preconceptions, but there was never any intention to cause offence." -

Oh it is much too late for that, it has already caused offence. And you outright ignored it.

I have not been the only one to take reviewing this disgraceful TV show seriously:

PLEASE SKIP TO THE TLDR IF THIS IS TOO LONG, IT IS MY OWN REVIEW OF THE PILOT: However, I decided to watch the entire pilot episode, even knowing that I will be disappointed, disgusted at the entire shows behaviour to capture how bad the show is: the show first aired 27/11/17 according to BBC three on the website:

First five seconds and intro: "Chinese girls, sweet, innocent, submissive Chinese girls, conservative and virginal, good at maths, ping pong and looking after men...screw that!" - This is insensitive, why state these, and then go and give the Taiwanese girl a rather ridiculous scene saying "I'm from Taiwan delicious...." this is also disgraceful, Chinese accents have always been in bad taste to slander/ make fun of Asians and only perpetuates it, normally, for Ethnic majority or those in supreme power (Caucasian) use this accent to racially insult Asians. Whether she naturally speaks this way or not seems like this is all made purposefully to make fun of East Asians.

It is not the same as putting on a say Scottish accent, Irish accent because these have not been known to be widely used in an insulting manner in media, yet the Taiwanese host perpetuates the Asian accent.

Then "And you are gonna love us long time!" They reference this without knowing the negative connotation to viewers, giving an excuse to now say this to all Asian people like it is ok. IT IS NOT OK. This was a reference from "Full Metal Jacket", a film about Vietnam War, a scene where an Asian female prostitute says this sentence creating the stereotype. Yet the host of this show do not want to be portrayed as prostitutes but go ahead and perpetuate this themselves.


Immediately, one of the host (Jackie) acts and screams like a prostitute....I have limited words to say but irony of what the show wishes to reach in terms of "smashing stereotypes" come to mind, where it is immediately perpetuated in this scene (which gives viewers another excuse to commit racism to Asians) this is disgusting behaviour and they make a joke of it.

at 02:18 minute mark where Taiwanese girl introduces herself, Jackie says "f**king Chinese parents" why does she put so much emphasis here? as if to create a new stereotype herself.

02:50 mark, White male walks out into the room, then speaks to his own wife and kids, saying "Oh hi darling, yeah, sorry, had to get a hotel last night. How are the kids?" after one of the Chinese (Elizabeth) girls claimed this man was the one after her friend Jackie says she sleeps with randoms. does the show want this to be true? for Asian girls to cause polygamy or being a mistress stereotype? 

Later on Fufu opens the door to be greeted by a white lady who says something along the lines of "hey, you all look alike" trope. This has been done to death and is racist, for the show to think this was OK is beyond awkward. Fufu then moves on to saying the dog is cute and a "Delicious bitch" Again, the negative racist stereotype that all Asians eat dogs when in fact this is a complete fabrication that has been blanketed over the entire race (racism), since this is a double standard, one can say some people of Western countries eat horsemeat, Dolphin meat and hardly receive any backlash, do we then go on to slander their entire race!?

The show perpetuating this racist remark is not helping and the show creators really need to reflect on this. "I can just eat her up!" Please stop continuing the self hating racism, the only people who would laugh at this are racist people and the not so informed show creators themselves.

04:45 minute mark, the three girls are walking to work, and Fufu claims to keep a lot of cash in her suitcase. This is ill mannered comedy from the creators again as there has been a spike in recent house robberies specifically targeting Chinese people's homes. We do not want to enforce this idea, and the show does not help, please see and support where you can:

The first five minutes of the show are already disgraceful and only confirms Nextsharks review of the show.

at 05:55 mark, Jackie is being interviewed for a role, the woman questioning her pulls the typical "slant eye" face with "can you make your voice sound more Chinese like"  - the show fails at satire, all I hear is awkwardness and it is nothing in comparison to the Netflix original "Masters of None" where Aziz Ansari delivers both comedy and realistic situations in grace, "Chinese Burn" is only a poor imitation and a failed one at that.

Jackie then goes onto saying "Chinese people do not say people don't say "herro" with Rs, that's a Japanese stereotype" - which is another disgrace, the show is now being racist toward people of Japanese descent for which the hosts claim to be smashing stereotypes is pretty ironic and downright racist. "And for f**k's sake, we don't all talk like Bruce Lee!" - Excuse me? I have heard Bruce Lee speak in interviews and he is beyond professional, there is nothing wrong with the man, YOU are just creating a new stereotype! I have never in my life heard of "And for f**k's sake, we don't all talk like Bruce Lee!" apart from this show! Unless I'm proven otherwise. Again, another failed attempt and nothing but perpetuating a new stereotype. Then she goes ahead and does a Martial Arts kick to the camera...I don't even, this is failure with a cherry on top.

The scene skips to London's Chinatown, with Elizabeth singing in Chinese pandering to the local community (which is pretty much the whole show where the host panders to Western supremacy) I have never witnessed this in my entire life in the UK of a Chinese person dressed like this singing in Chinese etc. drinking alcohol (Another false stereotype) and also false where they say the English translation of "Mei mei" is a lame way to pickup girls is not necessarily true.

Mei Mei can mean little sister without any negative meaning. It then portrays a Chinese man as being perverted, and hitting on Elizabeth (What the hell, I have yet to see this portrayal being anywhere near true or this extreme, another false fabrication) and another disgraceful, disgusting perpetuating stereotype that has caused irreversible harm to the portrayal of Asian men, the Chinese man then goes onto say "Have you heard about my one inch dick" - another dick joke, as if we have not heard that enough times where racists casually fling that around.

I have heard this racist remark being flung around and it is not nice, not true and also a complete fabrication whereby it is created historically to slander men of a certain race. This is to create tensions and mentally genocide men of a certain ethnic group even though these statements are untrue, the brainwashing that occurs in media has already caused serious harm (think Yellow peril, Chinese Exclusion act) just to disadvantage, isolate people and cause more racism to be stirred into the pot.

Elizabeth clears off to frantically smack onto a strangers window to advice a Wine decision to strangers (gives of the vibe of being crazy) "don't you know that Chinese people are the best at everything, we are taking over the world!" Whilst she is on the floor thriving about in a mascot suit. Making Chinese people look dumb, childlike.

Next scene, as if I am not boiled in anger already, at near 10:00 minute mark they decide to make fun of the Chinese man's name (Which we already get made fun of over the entire world enough as it is) perpetuating more racist jokes. "Actually it's Hung Lo" - So far, the Asian men have all been portrayed as creepy, abusive parents (where the father smacks the sons head) and I am very disappointed by these stereotypes. "My friends call me Hung, for large reasons"

"You are Chinese, so I doubt it, Hung" - Jackie replies.  This is very damaging reputation for Chinese/Asian men, this stereotype has been around for a long time and used as a racist trope, again I have described above, even though this stereotype is untrue, it is mental genocide, racism and hurtful.

Jackie then continues with audition even though it is racist....and abusive father comes out with the cuss word "Hum Gah Chan" which is very vulgar and a bad word literally cursing someone's whole family to die, which is rarely used, if it is at all used today. (Again paints the Father as aggressive/abusive)

I skipped to the scene of the boss (Yet again portrayed as being creepy.) emphasizing on the dick size issue, this is getting to be one of the oldest jokes, and a damaging joke that the show's creators should realise they are perpetuating and should hang their heads down in shame.

The irony of the audition is beyond sarcastic, they got one thing right, the show having bad writing should be directed to the team of "Chinese Burn"

14:35 marker, Elizabeth says "Chinese families are f**ked up!" - Way to go, you just made a racist remark to your entire race for any viewers to laugh at, and find yet another excuse to say Chinese peoples are "f**ked up!". She then gets fired, the other term "pok guy" means to fall hard on the street which is a curse word in Cantonese. (again, said by the Chinese father)

I was beginning to get tired and frustrated by this shows blatant racism, so I skip to certain bits. They create a phrase called "D.A.G.S" meaning desperate Asian Guys.....I have no idea where this came from, it also paints a creepy, subservient depiction of Asian Men.

In the Pub Jackie says "You Sympathy f**ker, there's no way I'd touch that thing, I don't do Chinese" - Self hating, perpetuating racism toward the entire Chinese race. And her pal Elizabeth comes back with "She's racist!" in a joking manner....I am ultimately disappointed in the show and how it handled this scene, also the BBC supporting this behaviour is unacceptable beyond words, they then display how much they detest Chinese men. Blatant racism that the TV show thought would be funny. How this is not damaging and the BBC media allowing this is beyond disappointing. 

Elizabeth then goes and takes advantage of the situation and uses the "creepy man" to get her job back (sexual favours) what the hell this show is portraying is completely disgusting, and paints a bad picture for Chinese men and women.

More racist action, racist comments the show thinks is funny in a bar fight to no avail.....

Back to house scene, more racism embroils, Fufu asks for the dog whilst holding a chef's knife (Utterly disgusting, racist, brainwashing to viewers, giving excuse to viewers to say this is "true" even though it is far from the truth) Women at door does the "Asians look alike" thing again....and "what I love about you Orientals, cash only"....."Sayonara" (Which means goodbye in Japanese) more "You look alike" racism.

To close the show, Jackie does some more racist stereotype of being a this point I have a headache from watching and having to review and confirm Nextsharks review.

Tldr; I regret that I watched the entire pilot episode, I knew I would be disgusted at the show but stomached it. It is beyond racist, even the first five minutes (in fact the self hating, racist stereotypes drag out through the entire show with negative penis size jokes, the "me love you long..." racist stereotype, Asian prostitute, pet eating jokes etc) it is an utter disgrace and the show's creators need to reflect on their actions. They have not even considered the many British Born Chinese reviews, life experience in the UK, turn a blind eye and churn out a more than damaging negative portrayal of Chinese/Asian people. This show is detrimental, not progressing forward but backtracking a hundred years.

I have already contacted BBC with a complaint and now awaiting Ofcom. I need your help with signing the petition, 10000 UK signatures mean Parliament will look into it and should respond, however signing this regardless of your location means that there are more than enough people unhappy with the show and can cause an uproar on social media. We can use this as proof of how many are dissatisfied with the show and give the show's creators something to think about.

If we can further have these results published in a form of a magazine to get the message out there, we at least have a clear understanding that WE DO NOT LIKE THIS SHOW! Our main goal would be however, to have the show completely removed from existence, which Ofcom may have the power to do so. Every vote counts.

Thank you for your time, we must strive forward in solidarity and destroy racism, self hating racism, stereotypes etc. at its root.

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