Up For Reviews Law: Ban The Grand National

Up For Reviews Law: Ban The Grand National

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On the 6th of April 2019 at the Grand National, one horse named 'Up For Review' died a violent death, just after jumping over the first obstacle, at the 2019 Grand National.

From video footage before the race, it was clear that Up For Review was clearly weak, and didn't appear well enough to walk, nevermind race - before the Grand National even began. Therefore, it isn't really surprising that Up For Review died. 

What upset me, and many other people was that Up For Review suffered a violent death, by appearing to have a seizure live on TV. The worst thing about Up For Reviews violent death is that it was completely unnecessary - it was a death caused by using animals as a source of entertainment and to profit off of them. In 2019, we should be well past using animals for entertainment: especially when that source of entertainment was founded during the Victorian era. Surely, it is well past the point that we moved on from archaic, Victorian pastimes, such as horse racing? 

This petition is calling on the UK Parliament, to introduce 'Up For Reviews Law'; a law which is named after Up For Review - the latest horse to have died at the Grand National - and ban horses being used as a form of entertainment and a source of gambling for the purposes of the Grand National. 

This one is for you Up For Review, RIP x