UK Wide Referendum on BBC TV License Fee - Gary Linekers Salary

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Gary Lineker is paid £1.75 million by the BBC.

The BBC licence fee, a tax, is £150 a year.

That's about the same number of licence fees as there are people in Henley on Thames just to pay Lineker and his suggestions for a second referendum.

The BBC licence is a tax. Even Gordon Brown had to finally admit that, that's the way it's in government and national statistics now.

All taxes are extracted by the barrel of the gun. Don't pay, go to court, don't do that, or don't pay the fine, then you’ll go to prison.

The current calculation is that it's worth taking away the freedom and liberty of everyone in Henley on Thames to pay Lineker to read the footy scores. Or perhaps to demand a second referendum.

We Demand a UK Wide Referendum on the BBC TV License.