The British Public demand that 5G Installation is stopped with immediate effect.

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We the British people demand that 5G infrastructure and 5G rollout is stopped immediately. 

This petition DOES NOT link 5G to any viruses, we raise this petition based on limited research on the effects of 5G over time on the population. 

We demand that the 5G rollout ceases with immediate effect because we the public are the tax paying, law abiding citizens that should hold democratic power in a democratic country. 

We do not want 5G masts on every road, outside every school, near every hospital.

Petitions regarding 5G were removed and facebook blamed conspiracy theories- this is not linking 5G to any disease/s, its a petition to stop the rollout of 5G based on the lack of evidence on 5G radiation increases over time on a large population - this is unacceptable and not a risk the British public want. 

The British public, demand that 5G rollout is stopped with immediate effect across the UK, the health concerns are mirrored by many doctors, scientists and citizens across the world.