Teach British Schools About Racism and British History

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The British schooling system is flawed.

We call for the school curriculum to be amended to educate all school children in the United Kingdom about the existence of racism in the UK and how to combat this.

Teach school pupils about white privilege, white supremacy, the British Empire. Talk about the impacts of the British Empire and slavery on people of colour today. Educate the youth on the very prevalent suffering and injustices, as well as the systematic oppression many people of colour face in the United Kingdom. Teach the youth how to spot racism, and how to act against it. We need to accept Britains past, and openly discuss this. Explore the roots of racism in the UK today, understand and explain  the struggles refugees and immigrants face.  We need to discuss how to make amends, and let young people contribute to the conversation. 

Allow people of colour to create this curriculum and let their voices be heard. The most valuable source comes from those who have experienced racism and oppression. Provide resources to young people to educate themselves further. Do not let our education system become biased. 

We can only progress if we educate.