TAX INCINERATION LIKE LANDFILL NO to polluting incinerators

TAX INCINERATION LIKE LANDFILL NO to polluting incinerators

4 February 2021
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Started by Virginia Bucknor


How would you like a mega incinerator built where you live, polluting the very heart of your environment?

WHY DOES THE GOVERNMENT GIVE LARGE TAX BREAKS TO WASTE COMPANIES THAT OPT TO BURN RUBBISH which contains valuable recyclable raw materials and creates fine particulate air pollution?

Did you know incinerator companies are not incentivised at all to move waste towards greener methods of generating energy and preserving valuable materials and supporting the circular economy?

There is currently NO TAX on burning waste in incinerators. This loophole has given an incentive to big business and investors to take advantage and profit from what should be a community-based waste strategy. Communities are also forced to spend time and money fighting these multi-nationals with campaigns, petitions, demonstrations, professional consultants and judicial reviews.

Dumping rubbish in landfill is taxed at £94 a tonne. If incineration is taxed at a similar rate, there would be a huge incentive for local communities to efficiently process waste and benefit from local schemes such as composting, and a disincentive for the imposition of yet more incinerators which reduce recycling initiatives. Why redirect waste to incineration simply because of the zero tax when materials could and should be recycled?


69* incinerators are operational or under construction, and there are currently around 100* proposed incinerators. Currently all over the country from Cornwall to Scotland, people are campaigning against having these incinerators.


An Incineration Tax would help fund recycling and demonstrate the Government’s clear commitment to reduce, reuse, recycle or compost our waste as well as a disincentive to profit from these unpopular and costly structures and negate the need to build more incinerators.

Please sign to show your support by asking the Government to introduce an Incineration Tax.


Our small historic Georgian market town of Wisbech in Cambridgeshire, on the borders of Lincolnshire and Norfolk, is threatened with the construction of a huge incinerator, one of the largest in the UK, by German company MVV. It would mean hundreds of lorries every day, seven days a week, transporting 650,000 tonnes of commercial and household waste to our town from all over the country. Wisbech has no dual carriageways or railway station. It would dominate the town and be built on a high-risk flood plain just meters from schools and housing, raising fears of toxic pollutants filling the air and contaminating our surrounding farmland.

Wisbech Town Council, Fenland District Council and Cambridgeshire County Council as well as our MP Steve Barclay (North East Cambridgeshire) and neighbouring MP Liz Truss (South West Norfolk) are all against this huge incinerator, but the Government will have the final say whether it is imposed on us.

(650,000 tonnes is the equivalent weight of 2,850 Boeing 787 aircraft).

 *Source: United Kingdom Without Incineration Network:

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Signatures: 2,913Next Goal: 5,000
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