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TOGETHER we WILL make a difference fighting for action against all violent crime.

Figures released under Freedom of Information laws also revealed that hospitals are treating up to 21 young knife victims a day.

Almost 8,000 children and young people aged eleven to 25 years attended hospitals last year after being assaults with knives and other weapons.
The Office for National Statistics said that there were 285 “knife and sharp instrument homicides” during the 12 months to the end of March last year and the epidemic is accelerating at an alarming rate.
These attacks are not age or race specific, it is EVERYONES responsibility to be active in finding an effective solution how can we stop our young people treating life so cheaply?

Link  Crime & Justice Office of National Statistics - follow this link for the latest updates on all reported violent crime.


What can we put in place to make a positive change?
No parent should have to bury their child but this is in danger of becoming the norm.
If you fear your child maybe going down the wrong path or are already caught up in gang criminality, our organisation is here to help you.
We offer a range of outreach projects including mentoring programmes helping to support our young people.
To effectively implement this change these are our demands to date:

1. A review and overhaul of the current protections for victims of serious violent crime in consultation with those directly affected leading to a new Victims Law that is fit for purpose

2. The Government immediately call a COBR meeting which seeks to address the wholistic public health approach that includes prevention, intervention and disruption of serious violent crime

3. That those found guilty of murder and manslaughter to serve the full sentence

4. Parliament to again review sentencing guidelines for repeat weapon offenders

5. That prisons are revamped and reformed, so that every waking minute of incarceration is spent on rehabilitation

6. The Government implement Baroness Newlove’s recommendations for the overhaul of Criminal Injuries Compensation law (CICA)

7. The Government agree to and announce an independent public inquiry into school exclusions, Pupil Referral Units (PRUs) and the links to serious violence

8. The Government halt all further planned cuts to local council budgets and restore local government funding to pre austerity levels

9. The Government restore police budgets to pre austerity levels, to ensure adequate police numbers, staffing and resources for neighbourhood policing

10. The Government halt and reverse cuts to education and all schools to be funded per pupil to pre austerity levels

11. The Government recognise youth work as a highly skilled profession and mandate local authorities to ringfence funding for statutory youth workers and services

12. Better and more effective child protection and safeguarding is funded, supported and implemented by social services and their partnership agencies

13. The Government, National Crime Agency (NCA) and the police improve coordination in rooting out and bringing to justice the adults and criminals involved in trafficking, grooming and abuse of children and vulnerable young people

14. The work, progress and outcomes of recently launched public health approach initiatives, is shared with local people by their local councils and elected representatives, at quarterly face to face public forums

15. Relevant ministers from the government with opposition politicians engage with Operation Shutdown to start a meaningful and productive relationship.

*All retail premises to tag ALL knives sold, without exception by law, or knives to be placed in a locked glass cabinet.

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This petition made change with 659 supporters!

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