Stop BPA and Microplastics in Food Packaging

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BPA is a plastics chemical found in component in many types of food packaging; it is very difficult to avoid in day-to-day life, because it is present in so many places. Concerns have been expressed over its impact on health, and everyone is exposed to it daily. Links have been suggested to several health issues in society such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Although the health impacts of BPA exposure are still being debated, enough concern exists for the European Commission members committee to designate BPA as an endocrine disruptor in June 2017. This means that it has an effect on our hormones once it is ingested. We recently showed that it is not possible to take charge of one’s own exposure by avoiding known sources of BPA in the diet (Galloway TS, Baglin N, Lee BP, et al. An engaged research study to assess the effect of a ‘realworld’ dietary intervention on urinary bisphenol A (BPA) levels in teenagers. BMJ Open 2018;8:e018742. doi:10.1136/ bmjopen-2017-018742). We found that BPA was present in 86% of teenagers, and these levels were unaffected by adoption of a diet designed to reduce BPA exposure.  We found that this was mainly due to inadequate labelling of products containing or packaged in BPA, rendering it impossible to identify foods that were not contaminated. As it stands we are currently not given a choice in avoiding exposure to this chemical. 

We call for:

1) Reduction of plastic packing on foodstuffs.

2) Better labelling of foods containing BPA so the public can make an informed choice.

3) The eventual removal of BPA from our food-chain completely. BPA is banned in some products in the US and France already, so such measures are possible.

We are asking the government to legislate for stricter labelling standards on all products, so it is clear to consumers what they are ingesting. Unlike many health issues, this is one that affects everyone - with no exceptions. As no-one has the choice to avoid BPA, we want to push for legislation that gives everyone not only knowledge, but freedom of choice. 

With the public interest currently over plastic pollution of the oceans and our planet, this is more relevant than ever that we can also prevent the pollution of our bodies.

We hope that the plastics industry, government and researchers/health experts can work together on this going forward. Freedom of choice should not be denied to anyone. 

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