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Stop the Selling of Primates as Pets in the UK

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Monkeys do not belong in homes. Many people already believe that it is illegal to keep monkeys as pets in the UK. However loop holes in the law have allowed for monkeys to still be sold as pets despite animal officials calling for a ban. After recently attending a pet shop in Manchester I was appalled to find 5, 8 month old "Jeffrey's monkeys" in cages. In the wild, "Geoffrey's monkeys" are supposedly with their mothers until they are at least 2 years old. 

Please help me by signing this petition to raise an awareness of this issue so that legislation can change and primates can live how they are supposed to. I want the monkeys I saw to be re-homed in a zoo or sanctuary if they cannot be released back into the wild. No words can explain how heart breaking it is to see these wild animals being kept in such a condition. 

Video footage of one of the monkeys:


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