Stop sex offenders changing their names

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why have the sex offenders register if a sex offender is allowed to change their name? If they have done the crime they should be known to everyone as the name they were using at the time of the crime. The UK has so many offenders which are living in our communities under a new name. Most of them haven't even had it authorised by the police and the police are turning a blind eye to this. Our children are at risk. we need to stop this happening today. I will take this all the way. I will not let this carry on. please stand by us and stop this. As a parent of a victim it has opened our eyes on how the offender has more rights than the victim. Don't let another child become a victim due to the laws that are in place at the moment. Everyone on the sex offenders register should remain with the same name. All that hard work from Sarah's Law is going to waste. Let's stand together and be heard xx