Stop nonconsensual medical interventions on intersexed people in the UK

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About 1 in 2000 children are born with genitalia considered atypical enough to prompt medical investigation. Underlying causes include complex genetic and hormonal conditions as well as unexplained anatomical anomalies such as hypospadias.

The government claims that intersex nonconsensual medical interventions are 'a thing of the past'. However, this has been belied by data presented to the UN Committee by intersex civil society organizations later in 2016, including National Health Service Hospital Episode Statistics and clinical publications. In its concluding observations, the Committee expressed concern at "medically unnecessary surgeries and other procedures on intersex children before they are able to provide their informed consent, which often entail irreversible consequences and can cause severe physical and psychological suffering, and the lack of redress and compensation in such cases". It called on the government to "guarantee bodily integrity, autonomy and self-determination to children concerned, and provide families with intersex children with adequate counselling and support", educate professionals, and provide redress.

This has not happened, and intersex people still remain vulnerable to nonconsensual treatment. Nonconsensual treatment, according to studies, often causes severe physical and psychological harm to patients. The issue of intersexual intervention is very important to me as I am very determined to make this world an equal place in terms of gender, sex, race, sexual orientation and more. 

We need to come together to stop nonconsensual medical interventions, as the Maltan government did. We must stop the suffering and discrimination of intersex people and make sure that no one has to suffer nonconsensual treatment again.

If we win, we have the chance to change the lives of thousands of intersex children yet to be born in the UK, and intersex people who are being pressured into medical interventions. If we lose, things will stay the same, and thousands more intersex children and adults will be forced to be treated for their 'disability'. Being intersex is not a bad thing. Intersex people are valid, and deserve to be loved and protected from discrimination.

Make intersex intervention treatment illegal!