Stop littering - save the Nature!

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Unfortunately there is an increasing amount of rubbish thrown into our beautiful lakes and rivers, left in the parks, in the Tube, on the streets or thrown out of a car. The fines are too small to bother about the risk of getting a penalty (which is almost impossible to get). There is almost no social control anymore - people are scared or not bothered to give a 'litterer' a comment. Removing part of this rubbish is paid from taxpayers’ pocket, but part is left in the Nature for decades.

There is also no infrastructure to bring the offenders to justice. "I did not know" and "Do you really think Police will bother about it??" are usual comments when asked not to litter. This is a great SHAME and is a problem which is clearly not sufficiently addressed.  

At the same time Singapore managed to resolve this problem. Surely Britain could do the same?

What are the reasons and how to resolve it? Does it come from the lack of school education about the Environment protection? How to make grown-ups care? We kindly ask UK Parliament to consider the following:

1) creating a government campaign ("THINK!") to increase public awareness about littering, damaging the Nature by doing so and the fines

2) consider obligitory switching to reusable plastic and glass bottles ASAP with charging the deposit for it. These scheme successfully works for the decades in countries like Netherlands and Germany. Recent Coca Cola UK campaign about 'inventing' reusable bottle is intentionally misleading and aims to delay its implementation, to generate more profit at the expense of further damage to the Nature.

3) increasing the fines for littering to a minimum of 2,000 GBP. It is still extremely unlikely that such fines will be issued (as catching the offender and getting the proof are extremely unlikely events) but this shall attract public attention to littering and make people think. The offenders have to pay the full cost of bringing them to Justice plus the fine. None of Taxpayers' money shall not be covering that, which explains the high fines.

4) Creating an easy mechanism to report littering in the traffic (it is easier to prove using plate numbers). At the moment is simply does not exist.

5) Checking if the school programs have sufficient focus on keeping the Nature clean AND helping others to keep it clean. It is both individual and common task and responsibility!

The mindset is the root cause of the problem and it needs to be changed.

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