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So-called ‘conversion therapy’ is a harmful pseudo-medical practice promoted by some religious groups. It refers to a range of practices which aim to convert LGBT+ people to their ‘correct’ gender or sexual orientation.

All reputable health and psychological organisations consider the practice to be ineffective, unethical and harmful. The ‘therapy’ is usually promoted by religious organisations. ‘Conversion therapy’ does not include legitimate therapeutic options to assist people struggling with their gender identity or sexual orientation to live more comfortably.

A major promoter of ‘conversion therapy’ is the Core Issues Trust. They promote a narrative that efforts to promote LGBT+ rights are an attack on the family and free speech, and represent a form of anti-Christian persecution.

In June 2018 we welcomed the Government's announcement that it will bring forward proposals to end the practice of 'conversion therapy’ in the UK.

But STILL to this day this has not been made a law to stop the practice of conversion therapy. 

We are supposed to be a country of free speech and equality. Why are we still allowing ourselves to be a target to a religious belief that we are an abomination and a disgrace? 

Join the cause and support our rights! 
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