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Stop Greggs from promoting an unsafe and unhealthy weight loss diet.

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Have a look at this... This is a full analysis of the "Greggs Diet" for Saturday.

So the diet claims to be for weight loss for women aged 35-50 who are sedentary. So the "client" I made up is a little overweight, sedentary and is 40 years old. She has a slightly high BMI as well as body fat.

Admittedly I chose a day that was not the "healthiest": (if you can even use that word) but not the worst.

There is a poor omega 3:6 ratio, a lack of protein, a worse combination of macronutrients (protein, fats and carbohydrates) of what the government recommends.

High in cholesterol, processed foods and to top it off hits NONE of the recommended intake of any micronutrient (vitamins and minerals).

I don't dispute it will make you lose weight as it is low in calories... 1st rule of weight loss = eat less than what you use.

All this diet does is encourage short term quick fixes. It does not in any way encourage long term adherence to a healthy lifestyle. Greggs should be disgusted with themselves. Too many companies now a days are focused on how much money they can make regardless of peoples health status.


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