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Stop Dangerous Pearl Party Oysters

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We here at Pearl Information Association became aware a few months ago, that the oysters that were being used for entertainment purposes could contain formaldehyde. We found this very concerning as formaldehyde is a hazardous substance. It has taken us quite some time to find somewhere that would even test these oysters for us. Some places refused to even work with the possibility of a formaldehyde contaminated product, some didn’t have the necessary equipment. After a lot of searching we finally found somewhere to test them. Testing of these oysters was very expensive so we decided to have tested 2 of the most commonly used oysters, the juvenile akoya oysters with freshwater pearls inside


One of the oysters was broken down and tested. This oysters result was that it was 7.7% formaldehyde! This means that 1.2 grams of the oysters weight was in fact formaldehyde. This result was shocking even to the analyst who did the test.

This is very concerning as some vendors open these oysters in high quantities on a regular basis. Some have begun to wear gloves due to skin irritation. But don’t be fooled into thinking gloves will protect you from exposure. Formaldehyde evaporates into gas form and is then inhaled by not only the person opening the oyster but also those around them. There are also suppliers who sell a kit that includes the oysters for children’s birthday parties. This is obviously very worrying.

EU safety guidelines say that products for public use, such as cosmetics, shouldn’t contain more than 0.2% formaldehyde. The oyster that tested positive contained 7.7% this is way above guidelines.

Also according to the EU cosmetics directive, if a product had a concentration of formaldehyde more than 0.05% then it must be labelled “Contains formaldehyde”. The oysters we received had no labels on at all.


We need to get these parties to stop using these oysters!. The hosts are at risk of so many health problems now and in the future. 

More on this can be found on our

Help us make a difference and put a stop to these terrible oysters being opened!. They are not entertainment anymore if your health is at risk!

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