Stop Bullying Vulnerable Road Users

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Many learner drivers and elderly drivers face constant bullying from 'experienced' drivers. This take the form of tailgating,obscene language and gestures, sounding of horns etc.

We as driving instructors have the right to work without intimidation and abuse. Many other industries have zero tolerance towards staff harassment . Why should we be different.

The L plate should serve as warning to others that the driver is under instruction and should be given patience and understanding. The learner driver is a trainee and should be allowed their training in a safe environment just like a trainee in any workplace 

We were all once learners. Let's remember this.

Today, (as they do every day), thousands of driving instructors will take to the roads teaching people to drive!

If you are driving around them, please be patient with the person learning!

In a couple of years time, you may meet them again, nursing you, or one of your family, they may be the paramedic who arrives at your door and saves your life, or the life of your loved ones, they may be the Dr you meet in A&E, the shop assistant that serves you, the plumber or electrician who comes to your house!

We don’t just teach people to drive, we give them the skill to carry out their professions and serve the community, so be patient and think outside the box.

Most driving instructors have recording equipment in their cars and wont hesitate to make this footage available to police and employers

Let's make learner abuse a  penalty point offence