Slave Trade National Day of Remembrance

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I am calling for the UK Government and Church of England to recognise their involvement in the Transatlantic Slave Trade by implementing a national day of remembrance on 1 August 2021.
To remember the lives lost and the untold suffering felt by millions of people who were captured and transported from Africa to British and American colonies.

The Slavery Abolition Act received Royal assent on 28 August 1833, and came into force the following year, on 1 August 1834.

It is important to have this remembrance day to acknowledge the efforts of those who campaigned tirelessly against the slave trade that lasted over 400 years, longer than all the wars fought by Britain and America combined.

We want to take this petition to the UK Government, the impact of slavery have been ignored for far too long and this movement is about empowering people to force the political process in addressing inequality. Now is not the time for more government studies, but action and accountability.

So join this movement now and sign the petition, a better world is not only possible, it is within our reach.

Slavery Abolition Act

Abolitionism in the United Kingdom