Secure the future of Tiree and Coll ferry links

Secure the future of Tiree and Coll ferry links

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Started by Phyl Meyer

Tiree and Coll have some of the most exposed lifeline ferry piers in the UK, upon which we are completely dependent for supply and the majority of travel to and from the islands. The ferry fleet serving our islands is feeling the strain from decades of under-investment, and despite great efforts by the staff involved, service reliability is increasingly being affected as the rate of breakdowns, and time in dry dock, increases.

With worsening weather extremes due to climate change, we are facing being cut off more frequently and for increasing periods of time, with repeated cancellations or sailings arriving but unable to safely berth - which has major impacts on vital services, supply lines, economic activity and the lives of those who live here.

We need two things to happen soon:

1 - A step change in efforts to address the state of the aging ferry fleet serving the islands, with serious investment and urgent action rather than continued delays.

2 - Urgent investment in construction works to install shelters/breakwaters for our ferry ports, so they are less vulnerable to poor swell conditions

Without action to safeguard our vital transport links, the future of our islands will be in jeopardy.

We call for an urgent review as to what options are possible, in both the short term and the longer term, and for swift action to follow.

2,733 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!