Save British Nail Salons and Beauty Salons!

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On the 23d of June the government has announced another phase of reopening, that was supposed to included Hair salons, Nail Salons and Beauty Salons, as per the phased reopening plan. The announcement came as a surprise to Nail and Beauty industry, that was not allowed to reopen.

Nail and Beauty salons are generally small businesses that are completely dependent on cash flow and have no financial backing, a lot of staff working there are self employed and since its a low profit business the directors pay themselves in dividends. 

Now, when our industry is the last to reopen we have been one of the most unluckiest ones, with only one grant that ran out a long time ago, no trading for 4 months (unless our opening will be delayed further than 21st of July), self employed that are receiving 80% of their profits from years ago and directors that receive no support what so ever (no grants, no UC) if they are on dividends. 

A lot of business in the UK received the small business support grant and continued trading, some were only closed for 1 or 2 months. Even hair salons will only be closed for 3 months.

It seems that the pubs and restaurant industry has pushed so hard to change the 2m rule to 1m for the whole country just to allow their industry to reopen and save British pubs. 

Well now it's time to save the British Nail salons and British Beauty Salons!

Hair and Beauty industry contributed a groundbreaking £6.6 billion to the UK economy in 2017. More than half of it is Nail and Beauty salons.  Between 286,889 and 337,687 people were employed by the UK hair and beauty sector across 49,371 businesses in 2017. 

We acknowledge the unprecedented support that the government has shown to small businesses but our industry is one of those who suffered the most and we will not be able to survive without an additional small business grant to pay our rents and bills. Without additional support we will lose our businesses, this will result in a significant loss of jobs, empty properties, unpaid bills, loans and ruined livelihoods.

Please, save British Nail and Beauty Salons!