Re-instate Richard Black's British Citizenship #Windrush Generation

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Richard Black, a British Citizen, a Windrush child, who grew up in Notting Hill, London from age 6 went to Trinidad and Tobago for a holiday to visit his in-laws in 1983.  Little did he know when he kissed his wife, children and Mother goodbye it would be the last time he would see them again.

His British Citizenship was revoked and his passport not renewed so he was stateless and stranded in Trindad for 35 years! 35 YEARS!! He had his whole life in the UK - a Mother, a Wife, 2 small children, friends. His whole life was taken away from him.

What happened to Richard Black could have and has happened to countless of British Citizens. Many of whose stories we will never know and will never receive the justice they deserve because unfortunately they have lost their lives. Watching his story on Sky News touched me so deeply. I cried. I cried because it made me so angry and sad. Imagine Richard as your Father, your Brother, your Uncle, your Husband, your Son? How would you feel? 

In his exile he lost his Marriage, his dear Mother became ill and died and he couldn't see her or go to her Funeral. He missed out on his 2 Daughters growing up. He has lost his Friends...

This injustice has be to compensated for. Of course you can never make up for 35 years of life. At the very least, as a start, the UK Government should reinstate his British Citizenship. This shame of treating some, mainly black Commonwealth citizens as 3rd class citizens has to end NOW.

Sign this petition, not just because he is a Windrush Child but because he is a British Citizen and has been treated abominably. Let's finally get justice for this extraordinarily resilient, strong British citizen!