Prevent the closing of NCS

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Today the LGA (Local Government Association) states that they want to  use the funding for the National Citizen service for other means. NCS is organisation in which run a service for those aged 15-18. It allows for people to easily sign up and join to perform 4 weeks worth of activities in which are made to let young people step out of their comfort zone, challenging them to realise their potential. This includes a social action plan made to change their local communiy, a week of adventuring to test themselves and a week working with a team of more young people. Getting rid of this service for funding elsewhere would mean none of this would be as easily available. As a young person currently on NCS, I feel that it is only appropriate to fight for NCS’s right to continue on due to the substantial impact it has already had on me, and it’s only been two and a half weeks. 


Please sign this petition to stop the LGA from ridding us of this service as it is one of a kind. It has allowed for me to find myself as well as discover the potential of my peers. Thank you for reading.