Petition to demand that the Parliament of the UK give safe passage to Julian Assange

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  1. Julian Assange is in great jeopardy and it appears that you may be the only one who can help him. His asylum in the Ecuadorian Embassy is rthreatened and he is living under intolerable conditions. Yet, if he leaves, he is exposed to arrest and imprisonment in the US. Senior US law enforcement officials have stated that they intend to do anything they can do to imprison him in the US.

The relentless attacks on Assange and Wikileaks threatens the future of a free press that is the bulwark of democracy.

Assange has been held without charge inside the Ecuadorian Embassy for more than 2700 days and he has been gagged since March 28th. All the while, not a shred of evidence has ever been found that he has done anything but publish the truth. The U.N. has ruled twice that he should be released.The conditions in which he lives are a violation of his human rights. The UN ruling in his favor needs to be followed.

We urge you to take action. By granting him safe passage you can end this travesty of justice.