Permanent visa for elderly parents of NHS staff

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Majority of the first 100 NHS workers who died of COVID 19 serving the country are from overseas. They have made the whole country proud by sacrificing their lives while caring for the Citizens of this country, while many of their elderly parents were suffering from loneliness and poor health. Several parents of NHS staff live in countries where health and social care for elderly is non-existent. These hardworking frontline workers dedicate their careers caring for our citizens in UK while constantly worrying for the welfare of their families.

Around 20% of NHS workforce is made up of black and ethnic minorities, a major proportion coming from Asia and Africa. Most parents of these workers heavily depend on their children for emotional and some times financial support. It is only fair to enable them to exercise right to family life. This will promote the wellbeing of NHS workforce and improve productivity. Most children of these minority workers are deprived of life with their grandparents. 

Please consider a provision in the new immigration policy to enable NHS workers to bring their elderly parents. Most of them would happily pay a health surcharge to help reduce the financial burden on the exchequer. They don't want to depend on government for any recourse to social security but just to look after the parents who may have made great sacrifices to educate and fund their children's education and immigration costs to United Kingdom.

Let us repay for their sacrifices and this could be an expression of gratitude from all the citizens of this great country. Thanks for supporting this cause.