Pay all "Key Workers" at least £15 an hour

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Pay all Key Workers £15 an hour

Whilst most of us are at home following the government’s COVID-19 Coronavirus “lockdown” instructions there are countless workers still out there called "Key Workers". These workers are keeping the UK ticking over for us whilst risking their health and even their lives, and that of their families.

These people are more than Key Workers. They are heroes. And they are no longer invisible. They deserve far more recognition, not only in words, but in wages too. 

Many of our Key Workers receive under £9 an hour and don’t even get proper sick pay. £9 an hour is a poverty wage, particularly in London. This is scandalous. 

Key Workers all deserve at least £15 an hour. This is the UK’s median salary. No Key Worker deserves less than the median salary.

They also all deserve a proper sick pay scheme that covers their wages in full from day one of illness. Currently many only get Statutory Sick Pay which only gives them miserable £19.45 a day if they fall ill with COVID-19 or any other illness. This means if they catch COVID-19 they might force themselves into work for fear of destitution.

No worker, especially not a Key Worker, should have to choose between their health, and the health of others, and destitution.

We all know and love the amazing, life saving work our doctors, nurses and paramedics are doing. But the list of Key Workers is much longer. They include the following heroes and heroines, and many more not listed here: 

Doctors, nurses, paramedics, midwives, producers and distributors of medicines and personal protective equipment, nursery, teachers and teaching assistants, social workers, care workers, workers who produce, process, deliver and sale food and other essential items including supermarket workers, waste disposal workers, workers in oil, gas, electricity, water and sewerage operations, firemen and women and many more.