Oscar's Legacy - Cat baiting and the Law

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Oscars Legacy

In October 2019 I received a dreadful phone call that a cat was being attacked by a dog and it wasn't in a good way.

That cat turned out to be my boy Oscar. Taken from his driveway by a dog off lead who mauled Oscar to death.

Since that dreadful day this dog, encouraged by its owner, has killed two of my neighbours cats and countless dozen others including wildlife which is against the Wildlife Act. This man is cat baiting.

Oscars death is classed as criminal damage but due to over 6 months having passed with the Polices delayed reaction, they are unable to take things further and the dangerous dog is being returned to its owner.

This law has to change. This man needs his dogs removing. If i neglected my pet I would be prosecuted for animal cruelty. He however is allowed to let his dog murder domestic pets and protected wildlife. Yet nothing is being done.

Please consider signing this petition and share far and wide to let our pets be heard. They have no voice. I don't want to let my boy have died such an horrific death in vain. I ultimately want to get a law to ensure people who commit this crime be prosecuted and the dogs seized and dealt with appropriately. 

I am asking for signatures and sharing �

Thank you for reading.