Order an Independent PUBLIC inquiry into Family Courts, Magistrates courts and Cafcass

Order an Independent PUBLIC inquiry into Family Courts, Magistrates courts and Cafcass

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15 children have died at the hands of abusers after forced contact by the family court system in England and wales. 4 children since 2014. How many lives are enough? 

Many thousands of children being forced into unsafe contact where the perp has a history of domestic abuse (convicted or not)

Many cases Cafcass advise the untrained courts of contact at all costs...

Victims forced to put up and shut up about abuse or their concerns about child contact or risk more contact being granted or unsupervised with the abuser or in some cases a change of residency to the abuser.

Courts are not equipped or able to understand the very signs of abuse especially emotional abuse and coercive control. The courts wont even address financial abuse. The abuse can be belittled and even in cases of physical violence, effects on the children are often minimised or explained away and most being told the abuser is still a GOOD parent!

We ask for an INDEPENDENT and public inquiry which is long overdue into the family court system including magistrates courts and cafcass as 70% of their cases between them involve DA.

Most courts and cafcass remain untrained yet make life changing decisions for families daily. We as an organistaion of survivors for survivors have all endured the system and all forms of abuse many of us for years.

Parents remain unable to protect their children and prevent unsafe contact having to force them into damaging contact.  When the children arent listened to or understood, are put back into the same situation without the safe parent to protect them obviously this has huge effects on mental and physical health  and is also commonly against the childs wishes. Creating a cycle of abuse.

Abusers are able to use the court system over and over again to re abuse the victim and family eith very rare banning orders. The victim cant speak out as family courts are also closed which in turn keeps the abuse and abusers protected plus the injustices of the system.

Courts are evidence based yet dont employ highly trained advisors on domestic abuse for cases involving it. This seems obvious and should happen. This would help all parties involved especially as over many hearings per case the judge or magistrates will be different each time.

Our founder was the 1st to petition for mandatory training in all aspects of abuse for all courts and cafcass.

The horror stories of many survivors and our own experinces lead us to know MORE needs to be done. In one of our cases even the womens aid worker was refused entry to support the victim in court who was being cross examined by her convicted perp, he had also previously made public threats to the victim and judge in court. 

Direction 12J even when used is very loosely followed by courts and often no seperate waiting areas or screens are available. Many special measures are never carried out or even offered.

The inquiry needs to be a public one and involve as many courts as possible with victims spoken to for their experience and complied over months. 

ALL of this in turn prevents more survivors from coming forward as one of the most usual threats to a victim from a perp is about taking the children and sadly many have been able to through family courts.

123 MPs have also called for this inquiry to happen. Yet the Government feels its not needed. We know of thousands including our whole organistaion who have personally experinced the family court system and abuse and know it IS needed and URGENTLY. We ask for an INDEPENDENT inquiry made up of a panel also that involves survivors who have experienced the family court system. With a published PUBLIC report of the findings.

Stop making loving parents force UNSAFE contact with the abuser. Contact at all costs is wrong as it is costing children their lives and mental health. They live in fear continued with the help of the court system supposed to protect them and us.




0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!